I do hand-painted family trees with a story




Illustrated family tree, that’s a family tree with a story

I will trace your family memory and study preserved documents and evidence to take historical journey back to your ancestral roots. You will find out the way particular branches of your family are linked together. The family tree is created, but it is yet a simple scheme. To let it blossom, I will illustrate the family tree with your ancestors’ life stories. I will portray their faces, trades and home region. I will revive your family history. Get a unique souvenir or a special gift.

Have you already got a family tree, but it seems a bit austere to you? Great, you are halfway through. We just have to enliven your tree. My paintings bear fruits.


What I offer

The look is up to you

I can draw or paint any genealogical chart. I don’t use templates. I don’t just fill the names in ready-mades. My work is always custom-made. To find the right visual solution for your family story is a big challenge to me.

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Techniques and materials

I like ink and watercolour the most. I always use calligraphy – hand lettered fonts inspired by traditional handwriting or designed by myself. I paint on handmade paper.

(However art has no borders, thus I am capable of many other art forms.)

Beyond traditional techniques I like to try new things and that is why I also use digital painting in the family trees. With my pen display Wacom Cintiq I can do the same as with oil, chalks, pens or whatever. Final product can be easily printed on canvas or paper. Every copy is an original.