Check out my illustrated family trees and calligraphy



27) Butterfly diagram ahnentafel (calligraphy)26) Paternal lineage and family tree of millers family (digital drawing)

25) Ahnentafel with descendants (digital drawing)

24) Ahnentafel with descendants in style of Slovácko folk motifs (digital painting, calligraphy)

23) Optional diagram (copperplate calligraphy)

22) Grapewine ahnentafel (aquarelle, calligraphy)

21) Ahnentafel (pen drawing, aquarelle, gouache, calligraphy)

20) Ahnentafel (digital painting, graphics)

19) Noble family tree (calligraphy, gouache)

18) Ahnentafel (digital drawing, graphics)

17) Bohemian royal houses of Přemysl and Luxemburg lineage  (calligraphy, gouache)

16) Ahnentafel (digital drawing, graphics)

15) Paternal lineage (pen drawing, calligraphy)

14) Ahnentafel (digital drawing)

13) Ahnentafel (digital drawing)

12) Ahnentafel (digital drawing)

11) Paternal lineage of blacksmits family (wash, calligraphy)

10) Optional diagram (graphics)

9) Grapewine ahnentafel with Haná folk motifs (digital drawing, calligraphy)

8) Ahnentafel (digital drawing)

7) Ahnentafel (digital drawing)

6) Ahnentafel (digital drawing)

hanácká výšivkaAhnentafel in style of Haná folk motifs (pen drawing)

Rodokmen s fotkami5) Combined diagram (graphics, photographs)

genealogický vývod4) Ahnentafel (digital painting, calligraphy)

3) Paternal lineage with descendants (calligraphy)

Digitální malba rodokmenu zobrazuje střena a povolání jeho předků2) Ahnentafel (digital painting, calligraphy)

Ručně malovaný rodokmen zobrazuje střena a stylizovanou krajinu1) Ahnentafel (pen drawing, aquarelle, calligraphy)