How much for a family tree? (price list)

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250 Kč
(fees and fares not included)

Genealogical output

creation of the family tree


other search(1 st. pg.)

300-600 Kč

research report

(printing costs not included) according to the extent
gedcom / mytheritage free

illustrated family trees

consulting free
realization 400 Kč/h.
framing optional

Example of costing (research):

Ahnentafel No. 4: 14 ancestors = 7 couples. 1 couple = 2x records of a birth, 1x record of a marriage, 2x records of a death = 5 records per one couple. 7×5 = 35 records in sum. 35×150 = 5250 Kč.  35×15 + 150 = 675 Kč for report. Total: 5925 Kč

tabulka ceník

Example of costing (illustrating)

Paper size A3, calligraphy, ink and watercolour, handmade paper (cost included in cost of work), simple story depicting the proband and landscape. Concept inventing ca. 2 hours = 500 Kč. Realization ca. 10 hours = 3500 Kč. Clip frame 350 Kč. Total: 4350 Kč


Price for whole service/product package Illustrated family tree – all inclusive: 10275 Kč


Please do not hesitate to contact me if you require further information