My name is Jan Pecháček

I have been interested in history since childhood. Always I have been drawing something, creating things. I have devoted myself to both my hobbies and studied them at various universities. Only after many ups and downs I have decided to professionalize them. I realized that people should do what they are good at, what they knows best and what they like the most.

Thanks to illustrating family trees I can make use of my broad experience in multiple fields. And I don’t mean only pencil and paper jobs. Our ancestors came from various places, did diverse trades. To tell stories visually requires personal knowledge of how people live and work.

I have hiked my homeland well. Exploring landmarks and cultural memory belongs inseparably to my perception of landscape and people who live in it. I was glad to help several sites renew their vigour as a gardener and restorer. Touching history in mind and memory is not enough, one should really feel history with hands and legs. I have my experience with various crafts: carpentry, masonry, roofing, bookbinding, sale, gold-smithy, horticulture, office jobs. I appreciate my hands-on experience maybe even more than my education and talents, because through them I could learn more what human hands and brain are capable of. Thus better comprehend our ancestors’ life.

Please feel free to contact me if you need any further information.